Looking good and feeling good.

Clothing SolutionsI want to share an article below with you from Hello Care By Jakob Neeland. Jan 21, 2019 which clearly supports the reason for quality and dignified clothing.    It is so important to wear clothing that provides comfort for those with limited mobility who cannot wear off the peg clothing, and not have to wear oversized stretchy clothes just because it is easier to get them on.    There are options available for stylist clothing and easy dressing.

The Way That You Present A Resident Speaks Volumes About You

Looking good and feeling good have always gone hand in hand. Your appearance is a reflection of the way that you treat yourself, and the way that you treat yourself will always be a reflection of how you feel.

As a person ages, their diminishing physical capabilities can result in a lack of ability to dress and present themselves. For elderly people who reside in aged care facilities, this responsibility will fall to the facility employees who have been entrusted with their care.  Read more….

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Your Say On Aged Care

ARE WE GETTING IT RIGHT?    A blog site created by Trina McLellan on behalf of Older People Speak Out.

This site has been set up for older and infirm Australians, their families, carers and friends – as well as those working in this sector – to share their experiences ahead of the Federal Government’s next moves on aged care regulation.

Your input will be invaluable as a way to let Canberra publicly know what the issues are at the coalface. You will be helping us show policymakers and politicians what really needs to be addressed.  Read more and have your say here.

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ABC Report on Aged Care

A number of you might have seen this last night, but thought I would follow through and send you the  link.  They are holding a survey that you might like to contribute to and this can be found on their page link below.

news-logo2017-dataAged care cuts to qualified staff putting lives at risk, family of woman in septicaemia death say  

Continue reading

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10 Questions you need to ask

We are hearing so much these days about the treatment of residents in the nursing homes, and only yesterday another outcry about the low budget meals being served in some nursing homes.

The Hello Care Magazine has some good advise with their 10 questions you need to ask.

It’s never an easy decision, deciding that a loved one needs to move into aged care, but sometimes it’s a necessary one.

Sometimes the reality is that they cannot live in their own home anymore, or it’s just not possible for the family to care for them. It’s a difficult process that the older person and their loved ones need to work on together to make it a successful one.

At the end of the day, everyone wants what’s best for the person – and that means having quality care in a home that is the best for them.

Though a lot of focus is often on location and cost, there are a number of other things people should be asking on facility tours to ensure they learn as much before making a decision.

Two of the 10 questions people should ask when looking at aged care.

1. What Is Included In The Fees? And What Are “Extras”?


2. What Is The Food Like At The Facility?    Read more here..

I would like to add that consideration should also be given to residents with limited mobility, who may require adaptive clothing that opens at the back for ease of dressing.  Joints becoming stiff and painful and the more dignity and comfort we can provide for our loved ones, the better we all feel.  Sample of available clothing in the video below.




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Can a Concussion Really Lead to Dementia?

The following interesting article is from the Aged Care Report Card News and I felt it worth sharing, as I am  experiencing this with someone I dearly love.

It’s not just falls that occur later in life that can increase the risk of dementia, as there is also reason to believe that injuries sustained when younger can actually increase the chances of a person developing dementia symptoms.

A new study has suggested that suffering a concussion in your teens or 20s may result in brain damage that can lead to dementia. People in their 30s who had suffered concussions were shown to have thinning brain tissues, similar to those who have Alzheimer’s.

The Boston School of Medicine research brings youth brain health to the forefront, as people that young are typically free of dementia symptoms. The findings are of particular importance to Australian sports such as NRL and AFL, where head injuries are common.

The most important finding is how concussions may influence brain decay and why it is important for it to be assessed and recorded on medical records even if not considered serious.

According the the Mayo Clinic, a severe head injury that knocks you out for more than 24 hours can increase your future dementia risk, and that being unconsciousness for more than 30 minutes, but less than 24 hours, also increases dementia risk by a smaller scale.

Repeated mild injuries may increase risk of future problems with thinking and reasoning. Another recent research even suggests that there may even be a connection between football and soccer and developing dementia.

This particular study began around 40 years ago, with 14 former players taking part. Of the 14, six of them had signs of Alzheimer’s disease when they underwent post-mortem examinations.

Four of the former player’s brains were found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) pathology, which is a possible consequence of repeated impacts to the brain.

However, it should be noted that there are also other factors that contribute to developing dementia aside from injury alone.   Read more….

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Sleep essential for brain function in elderly | Aged Care Insite

Home | News | Sleep essential for brain function in elderlySleep essential for brain function in elderlyBy: Kirstie Chlopicki in News, Top Stories January 18, 2018 0Researchers investigating how the brain could be made more resistant to age-related decline have found that the key is sleep.The University of Queensland’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences researcher, Dr Martin Sale, said artificially boosting sleep-like brain activity in the elderly could help prevent a decline in brain function.“Sleep plays a key role in promoting neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to re-wire itself – but as sleep quality reduces as we age, our brain function is affected,” Sale said.“Sleep is important in helping to consolidate the changes to brain function that occur whilst you are awake; for example, if you have a good night’s sleep after studying, you’re much better at remembering the material you learnt for an upcoming exam.“A portion of sleep, the deep part of sleep known as slow wave sleep, assists with strengthening the brain changes required for learning and memory that occur throughout the day.“We would like to artificially cause the relevant brain regions to oscillate at this slow frequency, to mimic slow wave sleep, but when the brain is awake.”Researchers can achieve this by passing a “small alternating electric current” between two parts of the brain, using what is described as a safe and often completely unnoticeable procedure.“In essence we are tricking the brain into thinking it’s asleep to harness the beneficial aspects of sleep even though it’s still awake,” Sale said.“Approximately 50 per cent of adults complain of difficulty sleeping and approximately 20 per cent of adults aged over 65 have some form of cognitive impairment.”University of Queensland researchers are looking for healthy right-handed elderly participants aged over 65 years to participate in the study.For information on participating and to find out more email Dr Sale at m.sale@uq.edu.au.Do you have an idea for a story? Email kirstie.chlopicki@apned.com.au

Source: Sleep essential for brain function in elderly | Aged Care Insite

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Close call on Scam

Warning, this might happen to you as a business owner.   I received a relatively large order from the Cook Islands and said I would not process until I had payment in the account.

He asked if he could have his own courier collect which was not a problem, and he asked if I would make contact with the Courier to advise details of weight and size etc, and obtain a quote which I did.  I thought the quote was also a little excessive and he said the client was a “premium” client of his.

My client then agreed to the quote and requested an invoice for payment which I sent with my bank details for him to deposit into.   However he said he wanted to pay by Credit Card.

He gave me two cards to process the payment between.   Both cards declined with error 57, he then gave me two more cards to process, same error code.     He apologised and said he would approach his bank and would come back next day.   I also made contact with my bank – Commonwealth, who said the error code of 57 was the clients bank blocking the transaction.

He then came back again this morning with another credit card number, all of these supposedly in his name but again declined with error code 58.    I called my bank again today (Australia Day) and they answered, and the young man suggested I do not process anymore that this is possibly a scam.      In the mean time the client came back with yet another card saying “this one will work”.   The young man from the bank was still on the phone when that email arrived and he suggested I do NOT process this.     Which I didn’t and told the client direct payment or nothing.

What apparently happens if I process this and payment does go through, there can then be a claim “By the owner of the card” applying to the bank to refund his account as moneys had come out in error.    I would then be charged fees not only for the initial credit card payment, but then the refund fees as well as having to pay the refund.    That is how they get their money back from these credit cards.

Hope this keeps others safe from fraud.      HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY !!!!


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Self-care for carers & family members – Synapse – reconnecting lives

Carers need to maintain their health and wellbeing to provide the best care for a family member. Maintaining your health and wellbeing provides the energy and capacity to endure the challenges that you may face in your role. Good health and wellbeing mean that you can provide the best care to your loved one.

Source: Self-care for carers & family members – Synapse – reconnecting lives

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Charlottes’ new coat

The lovely story showing Princess Charlotte in her new coat heading off for her first day of nursery, brought back some wonderful memories for me.    My mother was a tailoress and use to follow the fashions of the children of the Royals’ closely.

I don’t usually remember much about my childhood as my sister would confirm, but I do remember the feeling of this lovely coat.   I looked for some photo’s of Princess Anne in her coat at this age, which were not easy to find, but found one so similar, she was wearing in the photo with Prince Charles.

Clothes can make you feel relaxed, full of fun, important, classy, or just plain content with life, and that is why our business is to design clothing to provide dignity and comfort for those with limited mobility or disability.    Colours, fabrics and styles can make all the difference and improve how one can feel, even in a nursing home.

The Sunshine coast Daily indicates where you can buy Charlottes’ Coat which was designed by Amaia Kids UK.

PRINCESS Charlotte looked thrilled to be heading off for her first day of nursery today – and was definitely well wrapped up against the cold.

Kensington Palace released adorable photos of the 2-year-old beaming as she prepared for her first day of nursery at Willcocks Nursery School, which is just a stone’s throw from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s apartment at Kensington Palace.

Charlotte was dressed smartly in a AU$207 red coat from one of mum Kate’s favourite designers, Amaia Kids.

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Dementia Village

I was delighted to hear the news last night that the Dementia Village proposed for Tasmania is a little more than just a thought.

“The project is a collaboration between aged care provider Glenview Community Services and health sector superannuation fund HESTA, which will kick in $19 million.  The Commonwealth Government is also providing funding”. as stated by ABC News   read more…

This is closer to patient centered care, but I also acknowledge this is an extreme example that is not possible in every care facility.    I hope we see more of it throughout Australia, or  at least something similar where the residents feel comfortable in their surroundings, and are provided with a lifestyle that relates to who they are and the life they have lived.

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