About Yvonne and Special Care Clothing

The range has been developed to assist carers undertake the task of changing with ease, whilst at the same time helping to preserve the dignity of the person being dressed.
Yvonne said she developed Special Care Clothing Solutions after experiencing the frustration of being unable to find appropriate clothing for her mother when she was in a high-care facility.   Upon witnessing the difficulty carers had dressing her mother, and the indignity and discomfort she often endured, it became clear that there was a need for specially designed clothing for those people with limited mobility due to age of disability.

As those who have loved ones in a special care facility can appreciate, the experience is often difficult enough without the added concern posed by the struggle of dressing and changing, often several times a day, in clothing that is not designed for such a specialized purpose.     If people have special clothing needs, they can contact Yvonne Campbell on 1300 780 755 for personal assistance, or go to the website and view the catalogue.

Just for something different Yvonne has also designed a “safety belt” for the passenger seat of your car, to stop everything falling to the floor when you pull up in a hurry.  It is called the SLIDE SHIELD and can be viewed here.    If you are interested to purchase at $19.50 or want to know, more please call 0417 729 315


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