Close call on Scam

Warning, this might happen to you as a business owner.   I received a relatively large order from the Cook Islands and said I would not process until I had payment in the account.

He asked if he could have his own courier collect which was not a problem, and he asked if I would make contact with the Courier to advise details of weight and size etc, and obtain a quote which I did.  I thought the quote was also a little excessive and he said the client was a “premium” client of his.

My client then agreed to the quote and requested an invoice for payment which I sent with my bank details for him to deposit into.   However he said he wanted to pay by Credit Card.

He gave me two cards to process the payment between.   Both cards declined with error 57, he then gave me two more cards to process, same error code.     He apologised and said he would approach his bank and would come back next day.   I also made contact with my bank – Commonwealth, who said the error code of 57 was the clients bank blocking the transaction.

He then came back again this morning with another credit card number, all of these supposedly in his name but again declined with error code 58.    I called my bank again today (Australia Day) and they answered, and the young man suggested I do not process anymore that this is possibly a scam.      In the mean time the client came back with yet another card saying “this one will work”.   The young man from the bank was still on the phone when that email arrived and he suggested I do NOT process this.     Which I didn’t and told the client direct payment or nothing.

What apparently happens if I process this and payment does go through, there can then be a claim “By the owner of the card” applying to the bank to refund his account as moneys had come out in error.    I would then be charged fees not only for the initial credit card payment, but then the refund fees as well as having to pay the refund.    That is how they get their money back from these credit cards.

Hope this keeps others safe from fraud.      HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY !!!!


About yvonnec23

Business Owner of Special Care Clothing Solutions. I design and retail clothing for people with limited mobility or disability. Founder and Chairperson for SpecialCare Central Inc. which is an information portal Linking People with Disability, Aged Care Citizens and Carers and Families to Service Providers. Secretary at Older People Speak Out, an advocacy group for Seniors rights.
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